Since I finished the Baubiologie Measurement Technician course according to the SBM-2015 Technical Standard, I have made about 30 measurements and consultancies, six of which have been for people affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrohypersensitivity (with degrees of involvement between 3 and 4). In these examples that I show you below you can see images of some measurements of indoor pollution that I have done. They are ordered according to the Standard, which takes into account their impact on health. Some measurements of electromagnetic fields from different devices are collected outside the standard protocol. If you think I can help you improve your health and that of your family with some measurements, do not hesitate and contact me. But first, click on each of the photos to see all the measurements in a carousel.


Campos eléctricos alternos (A1)

Camps elèctrics alterns / Alternating electric fields

Campos magnéticos alternos (A2)

Camps magnètics alterns / Alternating magnetic fields

Ondas electromagnéticas (A3)

Ones electromagnètiques / Electromagnetic waves


Campos eléctricos continuos (A4)

Camps elèctrics continus / Continuous electric fields

Campos magnéticos continuos (A5)

Camps magnètics continus / Continuous magnetic fields

Radioactividad (A6)

Radioactivitat / Radioactivity


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