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Biohabitability analyzes the quality of a space to be inhabited. It is a science that studies the influence of the interior environment on the health and well-being of people. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors (offices, transport, homes ...), the quality of the indoor environment (air, humidity, noise ...) is essential to enjoy health and wellness in it




A healthy or biohabitable habitat...

  • It has natural lighting.
  • The interior temperature, humidity and acoustic conditions are within the comfort limits.
  • There are no emissions of pollutants of physical, chemical or biological origin.
  • The facilities do not emit electromagnetic radiation
  • It does not receive radiation from the outside (natural radioactivity or electromagnetic fields of artificial origin)

What benefits does it bring us?

  • It improves lung capacity and cell oxygenation
  • Improvement of internal metabolism
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Increased feeling of well-being
  • It improves the physical and mental health of users









Fatigue, tiredness, insomnia
Headaches, migraines
Frequent infections
Allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, electrosensitivity
Fertility issues






These symptoms are also related to what is called the sick building syndrome, a group of diseases caused or stimulated by air pollution in these closed spaces, as defined by the WHO Poor ventilation, decompensation of temperatures, particles in suspension, poor lighting, chemical gases and vapors, and bioaerosols are the identified causative agents. In Biohabitability we expand the field of research towards radiation and waves of all kinds, allowing us to tackle other pathologies such as electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity.





A Biohabitability report must be done


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