If you are interested in expanding knowledge related to bioconstruction, biohabitability and bioclimatics or you belong to an association related to these topics or you are simply interested in them, I can come to do a talk or I can offer you the possibility of taking online courses and face-to-face. I have teaching material. Just contact me and you will receive information about it.


Bioconstruction Courses

This is the training related to bioconstruction that Ido in collaboration with OKAMBUVA.

Máster en Gestión de Proyectos de Bioconstrucción

Biohabitability Courses

In the BIHHO website you will find the professionals network to which I belong.  Courses on Biohabitability are also taught in the Instituto Español de Baubiologie (IEB)

Bioclimatic Courses

Courses on bioclimatic are taught In the Instituto Español de Baubiologie (IEB) and you will find the professionals network  to which I belong in the OKAMBUVA  website.




Example of a training video made for the Territorial College of Architects in Alicante


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