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Architecture has always been seen as a human creation in which two worlds coexist: that of beauty and that of utility. We build houses to protect us, to live in as an extension of ourselves: our home. And we also like them to be beautiful, to harmonize with the environment, to be shown as an artistic creation, transcending the simple function of being a refuge and filling our aesthetic aspirations.

But there is a third area that we must attend, as much or more important than the previous two: health.

Because health is not just about doctors. In a house there are materials, radiations, noise, lighting, smells, orientations ... All this greatly influences the health of the people who live there and must be carefully studied and analyzed. There are healthy houses and sick houses, which can cause from a simple headache to cancer.

Therefore, from here we project and study homes using criteria of Biohabitability (analysis of the influence on housing of physical, chemical or radiological pollutants of all kinds), of Bioconstruction (building with natural, non-polluting and renewable materials) and Bioclimatic (adaptation to the climatic environment, minimizing the energy consumption of the house and improving the well-being)

This website is a window open to all people interested in knowing if their home is healthy, or if they want to build it for that purpose. Welcome.

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