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Physical Pollutants

Physical pollutants are those that are derived from the action of waves of all kinds (acoustic, electrical, electromagnetic). We can define ionizing radiation (such as X-rays, Gamma, Radon ...) and non-ionizing radiation (the entire electromagnetic spectrum with wavelength lower than visible light). However, with the rise of new technologies (mobile phones, computers, electrical appliances ...) our level of exposure to this type of artificial radiation has increased with frequencies and intensities much higher than natural radiation, to which our body was already used to.

The reference in this subject is the German Technical Standard SBM-2015, which divides physical contaminants into:

    A1. Electric fields
    A2. Magnetic fields
    A3. Electromagnetic waves
    A4. Electrostatic
    A5. Magnetostatic
    A6. Radioactivity
    A6. Radon gas
    A7. Geological disturbances
    A8. Noise
    A9. illumination

Of these elements, we highlight non-ionizing radiation, such as electromagnetic fields, and ionizing radiation, such as radon.



Low frequency electromagnetic pollution is associated with the electrical energy that goes through the cables and generates electric and magnetic fields with harmful effects on health. The main sources are household appliances and in general all the house electrical installation at 230V, especially if you do not have a good grounding network that derives to earth (6-8 Ohms).


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High frequency electromagnetic fields are mainly associated with new digital and wireless technologies, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi antennas, radars, tablets, laptops. The level of exposure to which we are subject increases exponentially year after year. There are many reports in which its danger is reflected. The International Association for Cancer Research (IARC), a WHO-dependent organization, has classified this type of radiation as a type 2B carcinogen. If you wish to broaden your knowledge about the effects that this type of non-ionizing electromagnetic pollution can go to or see the summary translated into Spanish of all the studies on this page

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Radon gas is a radioactive gas that comes from Radio disintegration (Ra226). It emanates from the subsoil, especially in granitic zones.

It is a colorless, soluble, odorless, insipid and invisible gas that is heavier than air and has a half-life of about 4 days. It emits ionizing radiation (recognized by the entire medical community as very dangerous due to its mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects). It is the main cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. The main origin is the emanations of the terrain, especially in areas such as Galicia, the western area of ​​Castilla-León and some points in northern Catalonia. There is a radon map of Spain that can be consulted here.  You can also read a detailed report made by me about this gas, here.








Chemical Contaminants

The internal pollutants with chemical origin can be associated with very diverse sources, found both on the continent, that means, in the construction of our buildings and in the content, that is, each of the things that are inside. According to the Technical Standard of Baubiologie SBM-2015, the chemical contaminants are:

    B2. Solvents and COV (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    B3.Pesticides and POCs (Persistent Organic Compounds)
    B4. Heavy metals
    B5.Particles and fibers
    B6.Internal environment

The indoor air contains contaminating particles, gases and aerosols with a direct impact on the health of people. Pollutants highly detrimental to health are usually 2 to 5 times more concentrated in indoor spaces than outside. The chemical contaminants that are mostly present in the interior of homes are:


   Pollutan  Origin
  Formaldehyde  Tobacco smoke, chipboard furniture and MDF
  VOCs  Solvents, cleaning products
  POCs  Plastic containers, carpets
   CO2  Heaters, stoves
   SO2  Traffic smoke
  Partícles  Fibrocement, smoke from traffic


One of the most devastating effects that are occurring in the living beings of the planet and of course in people are the disturbing effects of the hormonal system. These chemicals behave as endocrine disruptors, which are chemical substances that mimic and replace the real hormones in the body by altering its proper functioning.

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Biological contaminants

The main pollutants of biological origin are fungi and mites. The main sources are: all kinds of air filters, carpets and textiles, corners on walls, furniture backs, plastics, cartons, linoleum, wood, concrete blocks, kitchen joints, insulators, air conditioning ducts, silicone gaskets , bathroom drains, ...

Fungi can cause infections and weaken the immune system, breathing difficulties such as asthma attacks. Certain mycotoxins cause cancer (aflatoxin and altres) in addition to other symptoms such as cough, fever, headache, nasal irritation and respiratory tract in general.


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