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The Bioconstruction is a discipline within the world of architecture and building that seeks the integration of the building in the environment. For this it is necessary to know how the laws of nature work and to achieve the minimum impact. Construction techniques are chosen adapted to the environment, landscape and society where it is implemented. And these envelopes generate interior spaces that become the third skin of the individual, which must fulfill the same functions as this protective tissue of our body.






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Natural Materials

The materials must be as natural as possible and less adulterated, little manufactured and that belong to the place. The extraction, handling, transport and placement processes must be respectful with the environment and have a known Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). They can be of a structural nature such as wood or earth, form part of the envelope, such as adobe or brick walls or thatch, with finishes such as clay plasters or those plastered with lime or vegetal roofs for roofs and with insulating materials such as straw, sheep wool, cork, wood fibers... Natural materials for a natural house, this is the idea.



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Green building is sustainable, because it balances the environmental and economic aspects (making it viable), the economic and social aspects (making it fair) and the social and environmental aspects (making it bearable) for the system that supports it. Construction systems and materials come from renewable and nearby sources, minimizing the emission of CO2 and the use of fossil energy. The environment and climate, the occupants and the society in which they live, the economy will be taken into account. It will be more efficient and comfortable, it will consume less and it will create fair and equitable relationship frameworks.








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Bioconstruction is also collaborative, promoting participatory projects where traditional techniques are combined with alternative construction systems. Where decision making is done in a transversal, communicative and participative way and not vertical and imposed. Where the priority is not the maximization of purely monetary benefits, but rather the fair integration and development of the society and environment in which it is implanted.



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Bio-construction is health and comfort, understood as the balance between the quality of indoor air, without polluting emissions of physical, chemical or biological origin, with hygroscopic surfaces that, like our skin, allow us to breathe without letting water or air enter, comfortable in the thermal, light, acoustic and spatial aspects. Well-proportioned spaces, with a study of ergonomics and utility tailored to people, to develop all their creativity.






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