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The PASE system, Proposals for Self-assessment of Sustainability in Building, is a list of 40 cards associated with a computer program in which, from the initial phases of the project, the degree of sustainability of the same can be known.

It is of my own creation and I have developed it by comparing the current evaluation systems such as LEED ©, GREEN ©, BREAM ©, IHOBE © and CASBEE © and adapting it to the Mediterranean climate and rebalancing the environmental, social and economic aspects, which are the three pillars of sustainability.

  • The environmental aspects considered are energy, soil and resources, pollutants and ecosystems, water and waste.
  • The social aspects considered are comfort, health, mobility-accessibility and cultural-constructive aspects.
  • The economic aspects considered are production, maintenance and revaluation systems.

Each of these sheets associated with the aspects allow to choose all aspects of the building in each of the phases (construction, use and demolition) and establish the degree of sustainability of the same.

This system was developed in 2012. It was the final dissertation of the Master's Degree in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and got the best grade of that edition (9). If you are interested in seeing how it works, seeing your files, or trying the excel sheet, contact me.  To see the PASE System, please click on the image below.


Sistema PASE


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