The best way to ensure a healthy environment inside a house is to make a report of the home indoor pollution, called  Biohabitability Report. Establishing the pollutants of a house requires a strict procedure of action and, just as in the medicine, it follows the same steps and it must be done according to the Technical Standard SBM-2015.

  1. Previous data collection
  2. Analysis of pollutants
  3. Results report
  4. Action proposal




Previous data collection

When you accept the order, I will send you an anamnesis form, which reviews the history of the house. It consists of several parts that go from the environment of the house to the room or cleaning habits. It is very extensive and is made in a pdf form that can be printed or filled out on the computer itself. Please read the recommendation sheet carefully. I need to have it a week before taking the measurement. From this form I can better detect the problems of the house and the probable origin of them. It serves to make a more accurate measurement and to establish the most appropriate measurement techniques to know the indoor pollution of your home.






Analysis of pollutants

Once in your home or space to analyze, I will accompany you and confirm with you the main conclusions of the previous history study. I will make a visual inspection of the contaminants and their physical, chemical or biological origin that can be detected. Then, in the rooms that you have requested, I will measure the contaminants of physical origin existing there that you request (electromagnetic fields of high and low frequency, electrostatic, magnetostatics, radiations) and if necessary I will perform a test of mold count with Petri plates.



aparatos 03




Results report

In fifteen days I will send you an email with the report. It consists of two parts, the first one dedicated to the conclusions of the anamnesis and general advice on prophylaxis in the home, about chemical and biological contaminants. The second part is the report that develops the measurements on each of the physical contaminants completed in the Standard, with the results obtained in the measurement, recommendations, corrective actions and general advice. It has an approximate length of about 25 pages







Action proposals

If any highly significant measurement is observed, you will be given immediate warning of the prophylactic actions to be carried out on the same measurement day . If any screening work is necessary, I can help you in the work of protecting the space. Below you can see a screen made by my colleague Silvia de Santos in Burgos.


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If you think that I can help you to improve your and your family health, do not hesitate and contact me.




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