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The Bioclimatic Architecture is the design and construction of buildings taking into account the climatic and environmental conditions: The Sun, the vegetation, the rain, the winds, the altitude, the land ... If we know well those conditions and we build according to them , we can take advantage of its benefits and adapt better to the environment.







For centuries, man has learned to build his houses with bioclimatic criteria: which wall should have the most windows, where should you put blinds, on which side of the mountain is sunlight better used, how should you protect yourself from the winds? .... For this reason, traditional architecture is bioclimatic. As construction has become massified today, homogenizing it to reduce costs, we have moved away from that model. And we must recover it to improve our health and that of the planet.







icono abre

Low environmental impact

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Energy saving

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Better interior comfort

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Natural lighting




A house can be built with bioclimatic criteria, but we can go further and apply the Passive House model. This German construction standard encompasses not only the adaptation of the house to the climate but the internal energy consumption itself to reach a standard of maximum energy efficiency. I can do projects with the Passive House standard.


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